Fascinated by Halloween and Horror back in 1977, I started to make my own coffins and props. My best friend and I started a small local haunt in my back yard. I built all the props (coffins). 

All the neighbors thought I was crazy my mother supported me.

As time went on I was still fascinated by all the love for the dark and macabre. Halloween & Horror.

I basically just built custom stuff for family and friends till 2000. As a background in engineering and construction I feel I could Build Anything.


 Present-day we are a husband & wife team since 2007.

Getting married on Halloween.  Our fascination & Passion with Halloween & Horror is now our lifestyle.

We may not look like we belong, 

but trust me we do.

2020 The year time forgot we had a lot of thought of quitting,

but  NO!

Not us we fought hard to keep a float.

We have decided to change our name in September 2020 from

Halloween Psycho Coffin Co. to

Psycho Coffins.

We are inspired by Horror movies to create

some of our  most exclusive pieces. 


As we are not the only coffin company out

there, but we have a unique style to all

our coffins. 


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Thank You to all are passionate


without you we would not be.


We Are Pro Death Decor & more…


Michael & Gina H.


Our favorite halloween &

horror movies


Gina -        Interview with a Vampire

                 House of 1000 corpses

                 Halloween (1978)

                 Psycho (1960)

                 American Psycho

                 Motel Hell

                 Puppet Masters 


Michael -    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) 

                 Halloween (1978)

                 Psycho (1960)

                 The Shinning (1980)

                 House of 1000 corpses

                 Motel Hell

                 frankenstein (1931) 

                 I love all Universal

                 Monsters and 80's Horror


We make the effort to truly understand what our clients are looking for and what we can do to make their design expectations come to life. In doing so, we are not only a resource, but also make a personal connection to build a happy relationship with you & The Dead. We specialize in building unique pieces and products, accentuating the many different features of a Halloween and Horror design. Alongside these custom Halloween and Horror pieces. Each and every custom project we create is developed and hand crafted with only the best efforts in producing high quality Halloween and Horror designs.